Counselling and Coaching

Lorraine Sudnik

Master Practitioner in Clinical Counselling

Registered Professional Counsellor  

Life is meant to be a journey.

Each day, hour and moment presents a unique opportunity to experience our joy. 

Painful experiences from the past, difficult emotions and negative perceptions create unhealthy behaviours like anxiety, depression, and anger to name but a few. These behaviours lead us away from joy. 

We cannot change past experiences, but we can work to understand them to release the pain they hold. 

Personal growth is challenging and support is necessary.

Whether  you are looking for support during a challenging situation or simply ready to move in a new direction,  I am here to assist you. 

Together, we will work it out. 

Please call or email today to arrange your consultation.



What is workplace coaching?

Coaching is about building on potential. It is about working out what you want and then systematically achieving it.  It is not counselling nor is it training. Coaching embraces change and allows individual growth within it.  Coaching facilitates a shift in attitude and perspective to facilitate emotional intelligence.  

What will I  receive from workplace coaching?

Coaching focuses on solutions rather than problems.  It empowers indivduals and enables them to set their own goals as well as enhance performance.

Why does workplace coaching work?

It works because it creates a neutral ground for emotional and intellectual development.  Focus and practical solutions increase through this developmental process.

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